July 2017 – Certitude Experts in itnews “Road to IT Maturity” Report

How mature are Australian IT teams? Are they up to the demands of the modern – and future – enterprise? What role does governance play in enabling IT agility and innovation, while safeguarding business data and systems?

iTnews – in conjunction with Certitude experts and the PS&C group – set about finding answers to these questions by undertaking a research program. That program included an “IT governance maturity test” for iTnews readers, to help them assess how far their IT function has evolved. It was followed by a roundtable discussion with leading Australian IT executives.

The report, The Road to IT Maturity, sheds light on a number of trends and insights from the research program – including that:

  • The majority of Australian IT functions are quite mature in their approaches, but there are common areas of weakness.
  • Governance is important, even in agile, entrepreneurial businesses, to prioritise projects and ensure they don’t go off the rails.
  • Governance doesn’t have to be a blocker to innovation and change – if organisations take a risk-based rather than a ‘checklist’ approach.
  • The rise of cross-functional teams, and the spread of IT risk and responsibilities across organisations, are helping to deliver faster, better outcomes.
  • Adopting agile methodologies often isn’t easy, but it can be helped by business-wide programs.

See the full report at https://www.itnews.com.au/resource/the-road-to-it-maturity-468089.